Why you should be using Kickstarter

Ever wanted that one cool thing first, maybe your friend got a new watch or neat iPhone case? Well, Kickstarter is the place you want to be; to jump on to new ideas and invest in their future.

So how does it work?

It’s sort of like pre-ordering a product… but more along the lines of investing. You invest into an artists or entrepreneurs passion and get rewards for your investment value (usually arriving in coming months). The creator of the project gives you little updates along the way – hopefully fulfilling all of your questions and concerns!

But really… Why should I use this??

It’s the best way to ensure you are the very first person to have your hands on the new thing; become an innovator!! Every day people are posting and asking for others to become a part of their vision. Just check out what these guys have going on:


Dillon Montara

San Fran-based menswear company (I’m partial to guys fashion) is killing their campaign – already reaching their $10k goal with 24 days left. They specialize in denim because of the unpredictable and versatile nature it has, and that’s why these guys have a Kickstarter. It isn’t because they have a cool product but because they have a dream and vision of how denim should be made.

Or look at this guy!

PowerUp 3.0

airplaneThis New York entrepreneur decided paper airplanes were boring and they needed a little touch up. So how about we make them remote-controlled, from you iPhone? That’s what Shai Goitein asked and 19k others, with their $1 million felt like it was a good idea. Within 30 days Goitein took a simple idea and turned it into a million dollar business.

Kickstarter is awesome to use and just downright fun. There are dumb projects to laugh-off but there are also projects that change the world, and with the same ease it takes to purchase an item from Amazon – you can be changing it. So next time you want an iPhone case maybe you should head on over to Kickstarter and find out what the next best thing is – invest in the future.

Maybe, you’re wondering what Kickstarter has ever kicked out that’s been “world-changing.” Well here’s two that will make you drool.

Pebble Watch

pebbleAsked for $100k and ended up getting 10 million


Now Pebble happened to have a cool video and a really awesome idea (ever heard of those things called smartwatches? These guys did it first).


Asked for $950k and ended up getting 8.5 million

Ouya is an open-source, android-based gaming platform at a steal for $99. The developers wanted to make TV gaming a thing and bring back indie games or self-written games.

Both these campaigns are among the Kickstarter elite, but they demonstrate great ideas and awesome things that you can get in your hands much earlier (and at a better price) than every other consumer. Plus – Why not become a part of something. Tell your friends you were an early investor in Pebble. You can start the success of something.

The Guys Behind the Curtains

Kickstarter is still run by its 3 founders: Yancey Strickler, Charles Adler and Perry Chan. What’s incredible about these guys is not just their startup (that ironically creates startups) but their drive to keep Kickstarter what is was for them; a way for artists to break out.

Chen first came up for the idea of Kickstarter when trying to bring in some Australian DJ’s to New Orleans. Chen new he didn’t have the capital (some 15k) and new he could do it with smaller investments from multiple people. This idea spun around Chen’s head for years until Strickler came into the picture.

And so Kickstarter was born in 2009 – bringing with it the gigantic world of crowdfunding.

If you’re like me: a music lover, art-craver and avid consumer – The vision of Kickstarter is and almost has been created for you. If you don’t love the products, funding artwork or helping a person with their music is why I have joined the Kickstarter community. The site was intended for artists and for people with great ideas – not for those trying to market their ideas or product.