4 Tips to Creating the Perfect Podcast

So you want to start a podcast, but don’t exactly know where to start? I mean you might have a few ideas rolling around. But nothing that quite sticks. I spoke to podcast host and comedian, Marina Franklin about how she went about creating the Friends Like Us podcast.

In 2014, SNL was critized for not have a woman of color on the show in 25 years. Their excuse—they couldn’t find any.

Being well known as a woman of color in comedy and knowing of many more, Marina created Friends Like Us. The focus of Friends was on women of color with very different views. Taking advice from a friend on what to get technically, she had developed a great tag for the show. Here’s how it all came together—

  1. Do Your Research: You want to make sure that the content you provide your listener with is something that they can’t find anywhere else. “I thought about what was needed and not done,” said Marina. You don’t want your brand to be the exact copy of something that is already out there.
  1. Be Specific: If you want to talk about cars, talk about cars. If you want to talk about food, talk about food. Find your niche and run with it.
  1. Create the right Atmosphere: Make sure you create a space that people enjoy coming [to listen] to and always want to come back. It should feel like your grandmas house on a Sunday night, with all the family around. That’s the picture you want to paint. Nothing is worse than being bored. So keep it light. Keep it fun. Keep it entertaining.
  1. Book the right Talent: Invite people you know will offer something more. More being—different view points and experiences. It also aids in growing listeners for the podcast. For example, if a guest has 10,000 followers the podcast will see the return of this. Maybe as new followers on our social media pages. Hopefully as regular listeners.

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