Not a Painter? No Worries, a Drink Could Fix That

For those attending, it is completely acceptable to get a little messy, and possible for your hands to get just as much paint on them as the canvas. With El Arte Uncorked, you can enjoy a relaxing evening with a drink of your choice and an array of paints in which you will use to create your very own masterpiece.

Don’t fret, artist or not, everyone can participate in this sip and paint class. Whether it is at your own home or a public painting session, releasing your inner Picasso or Van Gough is highly encouraged. And if you need a little extra encouragement, instructor Katie Black is there every step of the way.

“I have owned the company since May,” Black said. “The company was started about five years ago by a friend of mine, we are both art teachers at Johnston School District. She was in need of another instructor so about three years ago I began instructing painting classes for her.”

Individuals or groups can take part every month during public paint classes at Felix & Oscar’s Restaurant on Merle Hay where a full menu and bar are offered during painting hours. To make the experience even better, Groupons are offered for up to four people.

Where Can You Paint?

  • Public Painting classes at Felix and Oscar’s Restaurant
  • A private class in your own home
  • At your business
  • Birthday parties
  • A venue of your choice

What Can You Paint?

  • Monograms
  • Holiday themed paintings
  • Season themed painting
  • An idea of your own

The greatest part about el Arte Uncorked is that you don’t have to be a painter or have any artistic experience at all to partake. Each class is led by an instructor who guides you through every step.

“It’s fun to see people try painting for the first time, especially people who aren’t painters. This is supposed to be a non-threatening, fun way to try something new to paint.”

Make sure to follow El arte Uncorked on Facebook to see the upcoming schedule of public classes or more information on how to book your own private event.